Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fonterra. Milking The New Zealand Dairy Farmer...

The chief executives sit
Fonterra's fat cats in their designer chairs
High on the pigs back
Without any cares.

And while they're busily
Hoarding their gold
The hardworking farmers
Are outside in the cold.

Their lives now in tatters
Their loved ones in tears
Their futures on hold
Their farms deep in arrears.

Financial deals are offered
The farmer for now holds onto his dream
And the bankers smile behind his back
Like the cats who got the cream.

Some farmers will end it
In despair without hope
They'll farewell their loving families
At the end of a swinging rope.

And all the while
Overpaid executives with their millions will play
As they raise their flutes of Dom Perignon
To another successful day.

September 24 2015. Fonterra CEO Theo Spiering's annual salary has just had an 18% pay increase taking his pay to $5 million. He announced also today that Fonterra will be getting rid of seven hundred and fifty staff. To save money and help turn Fonterra into a leaner machine...
You heard it here...