Thursday, September 03, 2015

New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key Foists Woops Hoists His New Flag...

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has just foist  hoist his new flag on and over the heads
of the unsuspecting public of this once great little country.
I spoke to Shonkey over a cup of tea again yesterday just after the final four designs had been selected
from an initial ten thousand.
"Yea nah well the idea is haha that the public vote in a referendum for what design they like and then that choice is voted on against the existing flag".
"A choice between a fern and a fern and a fern and a Koru isn't really much of a choice is it Prime Minister?"
"Yea nah, well look Keith, at the end of the day the great unwashed woops, the general public wouldn't know diddly squat about what is up and what is half mast.
Achully between you and me and this mustn't go any further, I've already chosen the winning design and Richie McCaw likes it too so it's a done deal."
"And what about the $26m cost of the referendum Prime Minister?"
"Yea nah well at the end of the day it's only money and democracy has to be seen to be done."

You heard it here...